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10”x10” painting on wood panel.  Detailed medium layers and high gloss finish. Pearly iridescent moon. 

This collection is the merging of my greatest inspirational sources... the moon, the oceans and botanicals. Atlas is the middle name of my son and it just seemed so fitting to name this collection after my little moon child. Atlas is the titan who held up the world and guarded the moons.
The cycle of the moons phases and the power of its influence and importance in the flow of all things, is a force that I am obviously very much in love with. The pearly iridescent and metallic paints are a direct inspiration from the natural inner beauty of seashells... mother nature’s little treasures. Seashells are like precious gems to me. And lastly the flowing floral and botanicals are the elements that complete these paintings of mother nature’s magical and powerful forces.

Atlas Moon Collection

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