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Influence, Process, Philosophy & Purpose

My life in all aspects including creativity, is influenced greatly by my relationship with nature in all its form. With fascination I intently follow the cycle of the moon, the rhythm of ocean tides, the balance between lightness and darkness from Equinox to Solstice, and the detailed beauty of the abundant lush greenery of this wild coastal rainforest that surrounds me here in Tofino, Vancouver Island. Chasing light and shadows, finding reflections and unravelling time. Guided by tidal striations in the wet sand, patterns in driftwood, complex colour and texture in seashells, movement of the wind through ancient trees, the transition from bloom to process and therefore my creations mirror the form of these elements through abstraction. Finding balance between intuition and intention, my creative process is both expressive and meditative.

In addition to my commitment to my own creative journey I am passionately committed to lighting the expressive fire in others by offering Expressive Art workshops designed to awaken the individual creative voice and guide the exploration of the expressive journey that is inherently ours. I have been a creator my entire life. I don’t recall a defining moment of choosing art or becoming an artist. The only factor that led me to this point is that I never stopped making, my desire to create in prolific proportions propelled me on this wild, explorative, experimental, expressive journey that continues to unfold in all its rawness and wonder. Creative expression has been my constant source of healing, learning, evolving, story telling, and digging deeper into the discovery of self. It is my purpose to inspire creative desire in others, unlocking the ability we all have to express ourselves uniquely and fearlessly.

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