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Creative Heartbeat

Guided Creativity Sessions 

Join me in experiencing the uplifting and healing magic of creative expression. Creative Heartbeat group sessions are designed to enhance the flow of your inherent creativity and unique creative voice by encouraging freedom, curiosity and playfulness in a supportive group setting. My calling is to guide you in the opening of your hearts creative energy channel by letting go of fear and allowing intuition to guide you to the joy in creative freedom. Together we explore the power in colour, movement, texture and process. The purpose of the Creative Heartbeat session is to provide a healing creative experience ... one that leaves participants feeling empowered, inspired, re-centred and relaxed. Guidance in the use of materials is a component, however our focus is on the magic of the process as opposed to technique or final product. Participants are able to take home the unique expressive and experimental creations from the gathering along with a renewed sense of peace and well being.

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